Alena Barton

About me

Big dreams. Big adventures.

I am 20 y/o Russian girl with a lot of passion for traveling, education, beauty and everything what helps me to enjoy the life as it is. I am really motivated to make my dreams true, step by step every day!

I always have a choice. The first is happiness, friends, and tranquillity in one place. The second is to run after my dream to find myself. The second one is more complicated and frighteningly unknown but it’s what I want to do.
In my blog I would like to share insight part of my life, my interests, thoughts, goals and dreams with you, guys! I just wanna write about some awesooome parts of my life, which is full of traveling, discoveries and daily self-improvement.

I’m not what happened to me. I’m what I choose to be.

Talking about my background, I was born in Karelia which is located in the northwest of Russia. When I was 17 I moved to Finland for studying International Business Administration and started my own life. I am not a professional writer but one part of my life was journalistic. When I was a teenager, I was writing and editing articles for the local newspaper.

Nowadays, I am a last-year student of Finnish University of Applied Sciences Savonia. However, now I am living in Berlin and was working for the technological company as a Content Marketing and SEO Intern. At the moment I’m working for my thesis and learning German. Last year I had an amazing experience as exchange student in the charming city-Vienna.

So now it’s time to combine all my ideas together and try myself as a blogger. I don’t want to have only a storage for my thoughts and pictures here but I really want to talk to you!
I strongly believe that my small experience could be advantageous and motivated for someone.
And I hope you’ll enjoy my lifestyle blog and find a lot of valuable information!

For any questions,ideas or commercial inquires don’t hesitate to contact me via email