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Banksy Exhibition in Berlin

Banksy in Berlin

Who is the most scandalous underground artist today?
In fact, this information is still quite controversial. It is known that he was born in Bristol in 1974. At the moment, he is one of the most famous street and graffiti artists, but no one knows who is he.  No one has seen him in public, that’s actually easy to understand because he could be arrested for vandalism. Banksy’s works are a real modern art, which is showing the problems of the modern society and the world.

Banksy calls things as they are, while the official art prefers to avoid some hot social or political topics. Banksy’s shows the value art without price label on it.

According to Wikipedia, the record price for Banksy’s works was established in February 2008: the work “Pest Control” was sold at an auction for $ 1.9 million.

I’ve visited a unique exhibition of his art in Berlin. This is a collection from the various storages around the world, which probably will never be possible to see again together. First, the exhibition was held in Istanbul, then in Amsterdam, Melbourne and now it’s here in Berlin!

I have prepared for you a small photo compilation from this event. Let me know in the comments section do you like that or not!

Banksy UFO

UFO (2004)

Banksy Kids on Guns

Kids on Guns

Banksy Sale Ends

Sale Ends (2006)


Even a Suicide Bomber Needs a Hug

Even a Suicide Bomber Needs a Hug (2003)


Banksy Exhibition in Berlin

Bomb Hugger (2003)


Banksy Exhibition in Berlin

CCCP/Flower Chucker (2002)


Banksy Exhibition in Berlin

Bird and Greenade (2002)


Banksy Golf Sale

Golf Sale (2004)


Banksy Festival

Festival (2006)


Banksy Flying Copper

Flying Copper (2003)


Banksy Trolleys

Trolleys (2007)


Banksy Rude Copper

Rude Copper (2002)


Banksy Police Kids

Police Kids (2006)


Banksy Love Heart Wasp

Love Heart Wasp (2004)

Banksy Grannies

Grannies (2006)


Bullet Proof David (2006)

Bullet Proof David (2006)


Banksy Double Toxic Mary

Double Toxic Mary (2005)


Banksy Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Banksy Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa

So what do you think about Banksy? Was it interesting to see the most well-known arts of him?

Have you visited some interesting event this month as well? Tell me in the comments, I would be happy to hear something from you!

I wish you an amazing weekend!


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