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How to overcome a language barrier? 5 easy tips to improve your English

You just started learning English or so shy to speak in public, I had the same situation!

This post could help you to go through all the obstacles and understand that you are not alone.

I would be more than happy to share my personal experience with you and all my way of fighting with this process as well. It is only my point of view and my own experience. My English isn’t perfect, of course, but I’m still working on this every day.

How have I started to learn English?

I have decided to study the international program in English language in Finland . So the only one way to reach that goal was to immediately start learning English. I was 14 and had only 2 years to reach level B1-B2 for successful passing English exam and entrance examination for the university in Finland. Below are my own tips based on my story of learning.

#1 Please don’t try to follow the advice such as read books, watch movies and listen to music in English.

This is not working when you are a beginner. It is actually not even working for me so good at the moment.

The main thing for you to really start learning is a professional language school. Only a good professional language school! No private teachers, no classes with friends, no YouTube videos! You need to start visiting classes in the group of people. The idea behind this is that you can follow you progress easily and feel the real competition between classmates with the same level as you have.

Talking about me, I am not a person who likes competition that much but the feeling that you are totally damn because today you are not prepared for the class was the worse feeling ever for me. For example, I was watching the favorite TV series the evening before my class and then I couldn’t even follow the teacher because I was not ready for this lesson. This will completely force you to start doing your homework, practice new words and show others that you are here not only for listening them.

#2 Do you have the feeling that it’s hard for you to speak in English with your classmates?

Sometimes you even cannot understand the task because teacher is speaking English all the time? You are on the right path.

I came to the language school in my hometown and took a language test first. I’ve got A2 language level according the placement test. They told me that they don’t have the A2-level group at the moment and offered me to go on A1 for beginners or B1. And this is the next rule!

#3 Always think that you could be better than you are and challenge yourself.

I accepted the challenge and went to the group for B1-level.

It was really hard and after each class I was coming home and telling my mom that I am not going to visit the language school anymore. I felt that I am the stupidest person in this group. First classes were like a hell for me. I couldn’t say a word, couldn’t understand tasks and I was scared of everything.

#4 Language learning takes time!

Don’t believe such genius who said it was easy or I don’t even remember how I started to speak English that good. Maybe they are not lying but , first, you need to find it out : are you that fast-learning person or it takes more effort from your side.

It was not easy for me and I’m still missing some words and trying to explain it with gestures.

BUT I’m not ashamed of this. I’m not native, but I know at least something and can communicate in foreign language. Don’t forget that the main point of learning language is COMMUNICATION! Just try to understand that you’re a hero because you’re developing your skills and already know more than one language. Are you ashamed because you cannot speak German, Spanish or Arabic? Of course not! Then, don’t be ashamed of speaking English. Be proud of yourself that you can communicate with people from different countries. So just relax, take your time as much as you need and never stop improving yourself.

#5 Motivation is your main key to succeed!

I had a goal to study in the Finnish university and I’ve done everything, just step by step to reach it. I was dreaming about it and fighting for my dream.

Always ask yourself a question: Why do I need this?

If you have a clear answer and vision, you will succeed in everything and it’s not only about language learning.

Thank you for reading and I would be happy to know your stories about learning any language!

Follow your dreams!


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