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Exchange semester in Augsburg, Germany

Good afternoon, everyone!

Exchange semester/ year is a part of the study program in a lot of European universities to go for studying abroad. It helps to change your vision and goals to the right direction. I’ve spent my exchange year in Vienna and in one of the next posts I will share my tale.

Let me introduce my Russian friend – Alesya who is happy to share her story about exchange semester in the beautiful German city. She is 21 y/o and a student of Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi, Finland. Alesha went for exchange with her boyfriend- Sergey.

P.S. The story has been written by Alesya and corrected by me before publishing.

Going for exchange means ” Take your stuff and go abroad for half a year, or even for one year!”, to the country of your choice which you are interested in and may never have been to, but may have heard something amazing from others like you-people who decided to challenge themselves.

It is a real challenge, imagine, for us, we already changed the country and moved to Finland when we were only 18. We have made our living in a foreign country, without a language and now we are moving to another country again.

This is exactly how our story began.

Augsburg and Germany in overall was one of the most attractive places in the list of possible exchange destinations. Plus we heard a lot of positive stories from the students who have already been there. Of course, German education is really valuable , so one more BIG plus for going to Germany.

When the decision was made, the only thing that was left is paper work and then long waiting until the second semester, when we can leave Finland in search of new adventures and experience!

Germany met us with its typical German confidence and perfect roads.

Yes, this is not a myth, they are really existing, we both are drivers and went by car, so unlimited speed is something extraordinary!
We came a bit earlier for our studies to become more familiar with the city and country.
I would say that Augsburg is an ideal city for studying as its small, but have all you need, it’s easy to adopt here to the German culture without extra stress, it is not far from Munich- really big city, so you can travel easily! Land of Bavaria is extremely beautiful, rich in castles and mountains, a lot of beautiful cities and rich history. Munich poses itself as separate country and you can feel it everywhere. From here it is easy to travel trough many European countries. So, a big advantage if you are here by car.

Our student life here was really alive, full of activities.

University is much bigger than our in Rovaniemi, with lots of facilities.
We took too many subjects, so our week was fully covered, from Monday to Friday, sometimes even Saturday, but this was our choice.

Professors are all speaking really good English, many of them are originally from English speaking countries.

I would say that all in all your studying life is pretty the same as in Finland, every teacher is trying to entertain you as much as possible, but not loosing the content part. During the process they are really using advantage of the fact that we are all exchange students, which means that we are sharing different experiences.
And finally, it is important to mention that semesters in Germany are shifted, so they are starting studies at the end of September and second semester we started on the 8th of March and continued till the middle of July. Ahh, this is a challenge, your minds are far away, the weather in Bavaria is just awesome, but, you have a BIG but- exams, so you have to study no matter what!
And today, I am seating here, at the end of this long way, duration of 5 months, after my last exam and I would like to say only one thing: “Thank you Finland for this chance and we will continue with you, Germany!”

Always challenge yourself!

–Alesya Gritcuk

I love the real stories of life. I love people who can easily motivate you to follow your dreams. Soon I will publish more REAL stories about amazing people to inspire you <3


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