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Few Tips How to Make the Perfect Birthday Party | Berlin

Do you want to know how to make perfect some family party?
This weekend I had one great event and now I wanna share all the organisational process with you.

We were celebrating the birthday of my boyfriend this weekend. He is German, so the first thing which I’ve heard starting to talk about the party was NO! He didn’t want to celebrate because it takes a lot of time and actually he doesn’t like to be in the middle of some event. I decided to take everything in my hands and we arranged an incredible party for his whole family!

We started planning the event about one month before.

First of all, we started to google for everything we needed, we made a clear plan that we want and gradually began to look for the necessary resources for its implementation.

The plan included the following items:

  • location (it was already quite cold autumn, so it certainly required a closed space, although we dreamed of a covered terrace)
  • food and beverages
  • decor and color scheme of the party
  • birthday cake

We were incredibly lucky with the location and I would recommend it to anyone who thinks where to hold an event in Berlin. The place is called StudioGarten. This is an urban apartment in the Tempelhof area with access to a beautiful terrace and the closed winter garden. In addition, there is everything what’s necessary for events up to 20 people. The maaain advantage is the view on the main symbol of Berlin, which is called Fernsehturm!



StudioGarten Berlin

StudioGarten Berlin

We had quite a lot of invited guests, so we decided to use the catering services from Mein Wunschcatering. We ordered two types of hot and side dishes plus some sweet desserts. We cooked salads by ourselves. It is better to use such service then you don’t need to cook by yourself and it helped us to save a lot of time. They brought all the necessary equipment to keep the dishes hot, and after the event at the appointed time they just took everything back.

Birthday Party Berlin

All the drinks we have pre-ordered at the supermarket Hoffmann Getraenke, this is a special store in Germany for buying only drinks. You can find there almost all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Birthday Party Berlin

Well, the most interesting thing is the decor for the party.
We have ordered balloons and various paper things for decor on Amazon. Something I even created by myself, for example, the letter B out of napkins (candy bar decoration). Of course,one and really important part of each birthday party is a candy bar with homemade cupcakes, oreo cookies, and fresh lemonade.

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar Berlin

Candy Bar

Candy Bar Berlin Candy Bar Berlin

Birthday Party Berlin

For decoration I added many cute children’s and family photos, printed in the style of Polaroid. Everyone could just take a few photos of themselves as a souvenir from the party. A prerequisite for us was a photo zone, so we quickly occupied the sofa in the bright room for this purpose. I was taking the pictures of each guest together with the birthday boy and, additionally, I was using the FujiFilm camera. This is a modern version of Polaroid for immediately printed pictures. At the end of the evening everyone could take these photos as well.

Birthday Party Berlin

Birthday Party Berlin

Birthday Party Berlin
Stephanie's Cake Berlin

We also had a delicious banana-chocolate cake decorated with fresh  flowers.

If you’re in Berlin, be sure to visit the Stephanie’s page. I honestly was not even sure that I could find something like that here, but when I came across this girl’s website, I immediately made an order.

Birthday Party Berlin

To sum up, we had a great time and party with the family!

P.S. I’m happy to share with you more detailed information, if you also decided to organize a party in Berlin.

I will be very glad to know if this post was interesting for you and you would like to learn something more personal about me here. Love you all, see you on Friday!


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