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Практика в Берлине

Paid Internship in Germany: My story (Part 2)

Have you read the first part of the story about my internship? I really recommend you to start from that  🙂

Yaaaay I’m in Berlin!

I came to the company two days before the official start of my internship. I just wanted to get acquainted with the team in advance and learn all the rules the requirements for employees.

I felt myself so uncomfortable in the beginning, because behind me I did not have any professional experience at all.

Internship in Berlin

Next to the office

The woman who interviewed me before via Skype met me in the office. She was the coordinator for all trainees. In the same time, I met a French student who started the internship at the same time as me. Everything went pretty well and I was going home very happy. I couldn’t believe that it was happening with me.

On Monday I was going to my first professional job

The working day lasted 8 hours, I came to 9 am. It alway should be at 9:00, not at 9:05, it’s Germany! Here you will have quite serious problems, if you are not punctual.

On this occasion some of my colleagues had problems, because they always tried to prove that coming to 9:10 is nothing bad and they just stay at work longer. However, in Germany this does not work! The rules are the same for everyone. Of course, you can warn in advance if you have something important to do in the morning and you’ll be late, there’s nothing to worry about, the most important thing is to work 8 hours a day.

Internship in Berlin

Internship in Berlin

First working days

The first two weeks we learning about the services of the company and the technologies they use. I was amazed that the owner of the company was spending time with us and held many meetings himself, even sharing his personal experience, including the experience of doing business. I felt that they sincerely try to invest in us the maximum amount of knowledge in order to get the result.

Before the internship, many of my friends said that this is just internship and most likely you will only be copying documents and making PP presentations for the company.

Everything turned out quite different, I tried myself in at least three areas in which I could work in the future. During five months I got basic knowledge about search engine optimization, worked with advertising and PR, and also got acquainted with the work of the recruiting department.

In the office, we all were speaking English and did not have any problems.

About company:

ginstr GmbH

ginstr is B2B company which is providing the business solution. Their goal is to optimise the workflow within the customer’s company. They help the company to reduce paper work, make analytics easier and processes faster. It incredibly improves productivity and increases profit. To do this, they’re developing an mobile application to collect information. The app is connected to the online platform and cloud storage. All personal data of customers in the system is fully protected. In general, the strictest laws and requirements for the protection of personal data is in Germany , so this is an important aspect in the company’s business.

NFC technology is used to identify objects in the mobile app. NFC is supported by almost all smartphones.

Case Study

For instance, you have a construction company and you need to control a huge number of equipment and its location. Then ginstr app can help. Each manager of a sertain construction site installs on the smartphone a ginstr app with the master data in the system about all the equipment of company (construction cranes, lifting towers, trenchers, etc.). Each equipment has a small NFC tag (there are various forms, let’s use a sticker now). It is enough for the manager to scan data from the tag by simply touching it with the back panel of the phone and the application shows all the information about the equipment. For example, who previously used this digger, whether it was defeated and so on. Further, the manager loads the information into the system, that at the moment the digger is located on his construction site. All information is automatically sent to the system and it is available to all office workers of the construction company through an online platform. The location of the digger and its owner atm is currently being monitored. Thus, the equipment can not be lost and there is always a person responsible for it, which helps to normalize the productive work of the whole company on this particular issue.

This is only one case out of a thousand for optimising the company’s work with modern technology.

My Responsibilities and Projects during 5 months

  • Writing content for apps for publishing them on Google Play Store

The company has test applications, which everyone can download in Google Play Store, try and then customise it for specific business needs.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Writing English content for the new website after adoption of keywords
  • Work on PR writing

In two months I have been offered to work on the promotion for the telematic product of ginstr sister company which is called ENAiKOON. Here I was completely involved in all aspects of marketing and communication.

  • Planning and executing of the product ENAiKOON locate-18 launch (a device to monitor and track the transpiration of timber for preventing timber theft)
  • Promotion of the new product using different marketing tools
  • Developing relationships with key media to secure and grow media coverage both online and offline

I have even decided to try to translate the PR about this device into Russian and cover Russian media. Information about our product was published free of charge in the largest magazine about the forestry industry in Russia. Anyone who may have encountered the work with the media can confirm that it is very difficult to achieve free publication and it is necessary to promote the press release very competently for the media.

In addition, I often held some presentations to show how to work with the ginstr web platform and applications for new and potential customers.

My last assignment and joint idea with my colleague was to create a corporate booklet about company. We were working on planning and creating its content and design.

Small Work in HR Department

I was instructed to manage the applications for internship from some students. At that time, I needed a colleague for the new project, which I mentioned above. Then I learned how to analyze the CV and prepare for interviewing. Later, I fully engaged in the coordination and adaptation of my colleague from London. Well, in the end, we were an excellent team!

Internship in Berlin

I was absolutely happy about internship and this chance to try myself. I understood in what professional direction I should move. I decided to try myself in the field of marketing and next year I’m going to apply for the master’s degree in this field.
I want to say only one thing: Dob’t be afraid of anything, the more failures you had, the closer you’re to your goal!

With love,


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