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Paid internship in Germany: Visa Application

I recommend this post for reading to those who, like me, study in Finland or any other country of the European Union.
Here I will be talking about application for an internship visa and the necessary documents when you’re applying via embassy of another EU country.

My crazy 3 months have begun! Applying for a visa is one of the mandatory procedures for foreign students, who are not from a country which is part of the European Union. I already had a Finnish students resident permit, which was given for a year. The process of applying for the Finnish residents permit was probably the simplest one of all other for which I’ve been applying during my student life. If you are interested, I will write about Finnish residence permit application in one of the following posts.

Виза для Германии

Let’s go to the question of the German internship visa.  To be honest, I was completely confused. Because I wanted to go to Germany for the compulsory internship, which is part of my study program and it seemed like the Finnish visa should be okay as well, as Finland is the part EU.
Hoverer, it was not true … I started to ask Russian-speaking friends in Germany how they managed their visas for Germany, it was not helpful! Then, I was googling a lot to find at least the category of the visa is necessary for me.

I must say that everyone has an individual situation and, therefore, I strongly recommend you to write immediately an email to the embassy. Just guessing which documents you nee won’t help! Moreover, that’s an official and time-consuming process, so you do not want to spend all you time for only collecting the info which documents do you need. Don’t forget that you need to wait for a visa after the application about 1-1,5 months!

I usually sent emails to the embassy, so I wrote all the information about myself, what kind of visa I have, where I am now, for which purpose I need a visa. They sent me detailed information which documents are required. Then you can be sure that you collected everything correctly. If you have any questions, ask them, send more emails, it’s their job to advise about the documents. Don’t be shy and email then as much as you need. You can also call to the embassy if the situation is urgent!
I prefer to always write, because then you are 100% sure that you understand everything correctly and have the right information written. The main thing is to be polite and structure the information inside your email to get a clear answer after the first message.

For German internship visa you need the following documents (if you are applying with a valid EU student visa):

  • two completed and personally signed application forms (can be downloaded from the Embassy’s website
  • two current biometrical passport photos
  • passport which is valid at least another 6 months (bring the original passport and two photocopies of all pages with entries)
  • valid Finnish residence permit
  • Extract from the population information system in Finland in English (“virkatodistus”) with specification of the actual address (issued by the Maistraatti)
  • Proof of a valid health insurance/ travel insurance
  • Visa fee in cash (75,- EUR)
  • Contract containing the following information: a) place of internship b) description of the intended internship c) duration of the internship d) name and e-mail of the contact person in the company
  • Approval of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit – Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV), which must be applied for by your German employer
  •  Proof of studies in Finland (Certificate of completed studies)
  •  Proof of the Finnish university about duration of the studiesmattio certificate)
  •  Confirmation of the Finnish university that the internship is part of your studies  Proof of sufficient financial means for the time of the internship (e.g. salary)  Proof of a health insurance valid for all Schengen-countries which is valid for the entire intended stay.

NOTE: All documents have to be presented in original and 2 photocopies.

Check the website of the embassy before applying! However, not always on webpage you can find necessary information about documents for you. Be careful, each case is individual!

Useful links:
The Embassy of Germany in Finland
The list of documents for the internship visa application if you’re applying from Helsinki
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    How long did the process take for you once you submitted your visa application and your employer submitted the ZAV application?

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