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Devil’s Mountain: Mystical Teufelsberg

The Teufelsberg is a hill in the west of Berlin which was built out of the ruins of Cold War.

It was used around 26 cubic meters of rubble to make a 120 meters in height hill. It is mostly known as the American and British spy station to surveil Warsaw Pact countries.

I have decided that it will be interesting to show you one not so touristic place in Berlin and went there on sunny Saturday.
The Treufelsberg was closed for long time because this land haven’t had an owner.

How to find Treufelsberg
Take the S-Bahn, S9 or S75 to Heerstraße, or S1 to Grunewald and then you need to walk from there to Treufelsberg. 

The Treufelsberg today

Nowadays, you can easily visit this place, you only need to pay 8 e for entrance and sign the document that they are not responsible for your safety. The last one is necessary because the buildings there are really old and it can be dangerous. To be honest, I haven’t find there anything what can cause harm or injury. The owner of this place covered all the dangerous parts and it seems that they are really taking care about safety of visitors.
They have few bars with drinks and snacks on the territory. So you gonna feel quite comfortable and can just chill with the cool view on Berlin.

The amazing part that now the Treufelsberg is the huge graffiti park and place for graffiti artists to spray on the walls. They only need to ask the owner of this place, he will give a place for the art and that’s it! Almost all of them are awesome. So it is actually the biggest graffiti gallery in Europe. It definitely should be visited if you like unusual places, breath-taking views and graffiti.



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