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Milan Duomo

Top 5 Things to Do in Milan

This post is the real Travel Guide. I will tell you how to see almost everything and a little bit more in Milan during 3 days. Read about TOP 5 things to do in Milan!

The idea to go to there was quite spontaneous. I’m subscribed for all low-cost airlines to follow info about various discounts and promotions (be sure to do so if you are a travel lover!). So at 9 am I received an email from the company Ryanair about the upcoming discounts for the flights Berlin-Milan-Berlin.
I quickly planned the trip and after 30 minutes round-trip tickets for 29 euros were already in my basket. I can write for you a post about cheap ways of traveling around the Europe if you wanna.

DON’T forget about PTV (Places To Visit) List for those who are going to Milan. There you will get all the places with addresses that are worth to visit in Milan. I can easily send it to you if you leave your e-mail or any social network for communication in the comment section.

From Bergamo to Milan Central Station 

We with my friend took a plane and after 1 hour 40 minutes came to Bergamo airport.

Bergamo Airport is not in Milan, but an hour drive from the city. This was not a problem at all! When you’re leaving the airport building there is a huge number of buses, which can bring you to the Central Station of Milan for 5 euros. We have booked tickets in advance for the Terravision website. The only one disadvantage is that tickets have to be printed out. Two ways trip (with the purchase at the same moment) costs 9 euros. I recommend you to take the bus after leaving the airport, not in advance.

An hour later we were already at the Central Station of Milan (Milan Central Station) and decided to walk to the hotel.

Hotel in the city center & breakfast for 5 €

The hotel was 15-20 minutes or 700 meters walk from the central station, although I intended to get there by metro. We booked the Best Western Plus Hotel Felice Casati via Booking. Impressions from the hotel were very positive: excellent location, good service, very clean and tidy. The main advantage there was breakfast for 5 euros per person. I have never been anywhere with the same price for breakfast at the hotel. It was really good breakfast: various croissants, buns, meat products and cheese. There was, probably, everything for the beverages!

Milan Duomo

After check in we went to see the main tourist attraction of the city – the Cathedral of the Duomo.

Duomo di Milano

Before I arrived, I’ve made a research of various options for visiting the cathedral and the observation terrace at its top. I was attracted to the Duomo Pass A ticket for EUR 15 per person, which included a visit:

  • The terrace of the cathedral on the elevator (which is an absolutely useless waste of money, I’ll tell you later)
  • Duomo Museum
  • Archaeological zone
  • Church of San Gottardo

More information about tickets you can see on the web-page of Duomo.

Milan Duomo

Milan Duomo

This is, absolutely, a stupid idea and not even because of the cost of tickets. The elevator is more expensive of course. On both sides of the cathedral are two lines, one to go by the stairs and the second by the elevator. Average waiting time by elevator is 60 minutes, almost at any time of the day. Meanwhile, in the queue to go by the stairs in the morning hours before 10 and evening after 17  is almost no one.
As a result, with our tickets for the elevator we went up by the stairs. It seemed that the cathedral is so high and, probably, it’s gonna be a huge number of stairs (that’s why we bought a ticket for the elevator). However, the whole ascent took us about 10 minutes!

Milan Duomo

Before visiting the cathedral inside, be sure to take something with you to cover your shoulders, otherwise you will not be allowed to go inside. If you suddenly forget it, then you can buy a kimono to cover your shoulders at the ticket office for 3 euros.  Near the cathedral there are a lot of traders selling different scarves for the same purpos, but their prices start from 5 euros.

I recommend you to buy tickets around 8:30-9:00 at the ticket office of the Duomo Museum, on the right of the cathedral. There almost never is a big queue. And in the morning no one at all!

Milan Duomo

Free Tour in Milan

Well, I’m sure that you’ve heard about such companies in Europe. Most often the name of them is the Free Tour plus the city name where it takes place (for example, Free Tour Milan). The main concept of that is that the tour guide is the person who are in love with the city. They will show you not only standard tourist places, but much more.
It really is a free city tour in English and possibility to visit unusual places. Many of them you would not me able to find if you’re not local citizen.

It’s better to register for the tour on their web-page in advance to be sure that they have a place for you.
Why is it free? Everything is simple-at the end of the tour you can give tips to your guide, the amount is up to you. Of course, you can even skip this part with tips, but it’s better not to do so 🙂
Now you understand the concept, it;s more like you can evaluate the work of the guide in the end and pay or not. The guide is completely interested in his work, and they do it not because of money, I think. You will understand what I’m saying if you ever visit such tour.

Milan Street

Next to Duomo at 9:35 we met our tour guide- Marco. We went for a three-hours tour with a short break for some snacks.

Free Tour Milan

Free Tour Milan – Marco

Milan Duomo

We’ve visited the following places (you can visit them on your own, this is the list of the top tourist destinations in Milan):

  • Duomo (Cathedral)
  • Nazaro’s Church
  • Trivulzio Chapel
  • Milan State University
  • Ossario Chapel
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  • Teatro alla Scala (Opera House)
  • Merchants’ Square
  • Satiro’s Church

The most memorable for me was the story about the origin of the term bankruptcy. It came to the different languages ​​from the Italian word combination banca rotta, which literally translates “broken bench”.

Earlier, traders conducted their transactions in the crowded areas, each of them had his own desk, where they were working with the documents. When the merchant was ruined, his desk was publicly broken on the square, as a sign that he has no longer the right to run the business. So this word combination appeared in Italian, which became bankruptcy later. This story Marco told us on one of these areas Merchants’ Square. It was historically the center of all financial transactions in Milan.

Here I will finish the story about this tour, so that you will necessarily visit it by yourself! Especially if you only have a few days to go sightseeing.

Taste of Italy

You must be a little bit tired to discover the tourist attractions, so, definitely, we should stop for a lunch or an early dinner!

One wonderful girl Alina, now she is living in Milan, advised you for some good places, where you should definitely go to taste Milan!

  • Eataly
    A large market of fresh locally produced products, as well there are several restaurants with Italian cuisine inside.
  • Rosso Pomodoro – inexpensive network of Italian restaurants, you can eat quite tasty there. You can find it at the airport as well!
  • Italian Gelateria
  • Panino Guisto – you can find it in any area of the city if you want to get a quick snack

Good Restaurants in Milan:

  • Paper Moon
    A good restaurant of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine in the center of the city.
    Via Bagutta, 1
    +39 02 796083
  • Obicà Brera
    Mozzarella bar is an interesting concept, you can try dishes from different types of mozzarella cheese.
    Via Mercato, 28
    +39 02 8645 0568
  • Solferino
    Italian restaurant, it’s worth trying thereGreen Risotto
    Via Castelfidardo, 2
    +39 02 2900 5748
  • Shannara 3
    Excellent seafood, you can order a plate of seafood and the price is affordable.
    Via Atto Vannucci 22
  • VUN Andrea Aprea – a gourmet restaurant in the city center (expensive)
    Via Silvio Pellico 3

Did you like these recommendations? Go to the Instagram of Alina, where you really can see the life in Italy from inside!

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

It is another interesting place in Milan. Especially, when it’s a good weather. You can walk along the beautiful and  large park, which runs until 19:30. There is also a museum, which is open until 17:30, and one hour before the closure, you can go there for free! Entrance to the park is always free.

How to get there: Piazza Castello- 20121 Milano (M1- red, station Cairoli)

More information about the museum and the park you can find at their web-page.

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

Monumental cemetery

Cimitero monumentale

The work of art in Milan was not only the Duomo Cathedral, but also the monumental cemetery (Cimitero monumentale) in the city.

Cimitero monumentale

Cimitero monumentale

Cimitero monumentale

It is one of the most richly decorated cemeteries in Europe and the largest cemetery in the city. In fact, every monument is a work of art. Of course, we tried to walk as quietly as possible between these monuments. There were few people who came to talk to their died relatives.

How to get there: M2- green, station Garibaldi, will be noticeable immediately upon exiting the metro

Cimitero monumentale

Cimitero monumentale

Little Venice in the center of Milan

I highly recommend you to walk next to Naviglio Grande и Naviglio Pavese. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes on the coast, where it is, especially, cool to spend the last evening. You can start with a walk along the river and , visit small Italian shops and then go for the dinner.

Naviglio Grande

Information about public transport:

  • Two days ticket for all transport (valid 48 hours after composting) – 8,25 EUR
  • One day ticket for all transport (valid 24 hours after composting) – 4,50 EUR

Milan TramIf you live in the center, then it’s likely that you will use tickets on the subway only a couple of times. Everything is pretty close to each other.

Many people were telling me that in Milan it is very expensive and absolutely nothing to do, except shopping. Yes, there are a lot of good stores and excellent discounts in the summer (we were during this time there). However, if the purpose of your trip is different, then you will not be disappointed and really enjoy all the chic of this city!

Milan Street


Soon I will write a blog post about Verona!


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