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Weekend in Dresden

The idea to visit Dresden was living in my head for long time because it is only 2.5 hours from Berlin. Moreover, the city is pretty small and it is possible to visit the main tourist attractions for the short weekend.I had 3 days off at work, visit another city of Germany and spend amazing time.

So we packed our sandwiches and went to Dresden!

I should mention one good thing about Germany: it is German highway or autobahnYou can drive as fast as possible. So 200 km/h- easy! I was impressed about this (in Russia you can drive max 130 km/h) and be scared that probably it should be more car crashes because of the high speed. According to opinion of drivers, it is even better to drive faster because of adrenalin, which is released into the blood and they cannot fall asleep, for example, driving during the night. 

We came to Dresden in the midday and decided just to go for a walk. We were staying in the nice hotel which is called Motel One in the city center. So I really recommend you this hotel if you don’t have so much time to spend in Dresden and wanna have everything so close. We were not even using public transport.

Dresden is small city compare to Berlin but have really beautiful city center.

I have visited the Zwinger which is big garden and galleries with world-renowned collection of paintings (the world-famous painting of the Sistine Madonna by Raphael is there).

Then, protestant church Frauenkirche (“Church of our Lady”) with amazing view on the city from the top (ticket there costs 8 euros). It was gutted by bombs in 1945 and city rebuilt it with fresh stones and speckles old ones.

Semperoper is a magnificent building of historic German opera house. The famous composers such as Wagner and Strauss were first aired there.

We have visited the “Balcony of Europe” which is a walkway along the river Elbe with ingenious architectural buildings. For example, the Academy of Fine Arts.

The Dresden is a good city to enjoy your short weekend and have a slow walk through the Bruehl’s Terrace and old city center.

Next stop is Milan!


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