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Willkommen in Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. It has the largest port in Europe. It’s definitely the city of bridges, millionaires and sailors. Unbelievable masterpieces of Gothic and Renaissance are places together with the permanent attribute of the port cities – Red Light Street. And this is only a short description of Hamburg.

Aaand I need to say that that’s my favorite German city at the moment!
When I was sending a postcard to my parents from Hamburg (if you do not know this is my hobby, I always send postcards to my family and friend from the places I’ve visited), I wrote:

Hamburg is the second city in Europe, where I would like to live after Vienna!

Why Hamburg is called a port city, if the nearest sea is 100 km away?

More than 10 000 ships and steamers a year are coming to the harbor of Hamburg, a huge number of passengers make sea voyages from port of Hamburg, and more than 135 million tons of cargo arrives at the port per year.
Despite the fact that the nearest North Sea is about 100 km away from the city, Hamburg has a good location. It stands on the Elbe River, which flows into the North Sea.

I went to Hamburg from Berlin only for a short weekend  and used a bus by FlixBus company. The ticket cost about 20 euros one way. The trip took only 4 hours and I came at the main railway station of Hamburg.

I stayed at an affordable and very good hotel Centro Hotel Boutique 56 near the main train station. In the end, I was not even using the public transport. All I’ve wanted to see was in the walking distance from the hotel.

I had only 2 days for such a huge city, but I managed to visit almost all the places from my PTV* list (Places To Visit *).

By the way, I always make a list of all places to visit with addresses and easy ways how to get there.

If there is enough time before the trip, I can even make lists for each day, where all the places are managed based on the location.  So it’s like I need to check the map and manage the places according their position in order to each other. This, literally, helps me to see as much as possible. I also use the free application HereWeGo on my phone with offline maps. It help a lot if you don’t have Internet on your phone.

DM me on Instagram or just PM to and I can easily send you my compiled PTV list for Hamburg, with all the places and addresses from this post.

Well, now in order to all places from the PTV list:

Hamburger Rathaus

The heart of Hamburg is the majestic building of the Town Hall in the city center. That’s the place for the Senate.

Hamburger Rathaus

Hamburger Rathaus



About 700 meters to the southeast of the Town Hall, there is a big 11 floors building, which is called Chilihaus. It is a warehouse for goods exported from Chile, so that’s why the name is Chile+House. But the most amazing thing is how it looks from outside. Chilihaus is like a huge ship’s nose accidentally lost between urban buildings of Hamburg. Just look how the building is illuminated in the evening, absolutely awesome…



Port of Hamburg

One of the main sights of Hamburg is a huge cargo and cruise port on the Elbe river. It includes 10 port areas and 37 artificial pools with piers and wharves. 320 ships can be moored simultaneously to berths. Just imagine the size of this port!

Hamburger port

Hamburger Hafen

In addition, it is absolutely free to go to the museum on the large Cap San Diego ship and see the rooms of sailors, cargo compartments and other parts of the ship life.

Miniatur Wunderland

One of the most interesting places in Hamburg for me was the Miniature Wonderland (translated from German).
This is a huge indoor room with the mock-ups of all countries and their main tourist attractions. I spent there at least 4 hours, just looking at the tiny details of each mock-up and watching the process of turning day into night. This is unbelieveble to see the interactive map of the whole world in one place.
Better to buy tickets through the Internet and then simply exchanged these in the ticket window. Then, you don’t need to wait in line. So I’ve chosen this way.

Wunderland Hamburg

Wunderland Hamburg

Wunderland Hamburg

Wunderland Hamburg

Wunderland Hamburg

Wunderland Hamburg

Wunderland Hamburg

Wunderland Hamburg


Hafen city

The Hafen City is a district in Hamburg, which has no other analogues in the world. It was built on the territory of the former port area (155 hectares). It recalls a real city from the future by its futuristic style of buildings. Moreover, it perfectly fits into the architectural ensemble of Hamburg.

Hafen city Hafen city









The Elbe Philharmonic has already become the second symbol of the city after the port. It is located in the stream of the Elbe and resembles a huge ship out of the glass, rushing along the waves. It took 8 years to build it up and now it is one of the top 10 best concert halls in the world.



20 up Вar

I really like bars with the panoramic view, 20 up Bar is one of them. It’s located on the 20th floor of the Empire Riverside Hotel.
I always try to find a place with a panoramic view on the city during my trips. What can be better than to enjoy the foggy and mystical  Hamburg with a cup of coffee or even a glass of white wine.

20 up Bar Hamburg

20 up Bar Hamburg


Reeperbahn Hamburg

Well, for the dessert I’ve prepared the most famous street in Hamburg. The Red Light District (Reeperbahn) in the St. Pauli area. Honestly, from my point of view, it is no difference from the usual party streets in any other city. There are a lot of bars and crowds of people. Of course, there are sex- shops and prostitutes everywhere, but nothing completely different compare to the party streets in the Sunny Beach area (Bulgaria), for example.

To sum up, Hamburg at the first glance looks like a gloomy, cold but charismatic man, like a typical German 😉 However, it becomes more interesting for you to unravel all his secrets.
Well, after the first date, you definitely start to think about the second one!


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